How can I add the Kingdom Events feed to my personal calendar?

To add all of the upcoming events on the Kingdom calendar to your calendar (for example, google or Outlook), use this link:

To add all of the upcoming events on the Kingdom calendar for a Principality use these links:

Principality of the Summits:

Principality of Tir Righ:

To add all of the upcoming events on the Kingdom calendar for a particular Branch, navigate to any event hosted by that branch and use the link on the right side of the page.

You’ll need to follow the instructions for subscribing to a calendar provided by your calendar program. Some common examples are listed here:

Google Calendar (Add Someone else’s calendar using a URL) (Subscribe to a calendar)

How do I get an event on the Kingdom Calendar?

To get an event on the Kingdom Calendar, use our event request form. You’ll need the following information depending on what kind of request it is.

If you only want to reserve the date you’ll need:

Event Information Seneschal Information
Name of event Seneschal’s SCA name
Event start and end dates Seneschal’s Legal name
Region where the event will be held Seneschal’s Facebook name (optional)
Branch where the event will be held Seneschal’s Email address
Hosting branch(es) Seneschal’s Primary phone number
Event Level/Type Seneschal’s Secondary phone number (optional)
Crier copy (optional)  

If you want to request an event and you already know the site and event steward, you’ll need the above information plus the following information:

Site Information Event Steward Information
Site name Event Steward’s SCA Name
Site address Event Steward’s Legal Name
Event start time (optional) Event Steward’s Facebook Name (optional)
Event end time (optional) Event Steward’s Email address
  Event Steward’s Phone number
  Event Steward’s Membership number
  Event Steward’s Membership expiration date

I am an Event Steward for an event on the calendar. Can I make updates myself?

Yes! We really want you to do this!

First, register for an account and request “Event Steward” access. Be sure to indicate which event(s) you are responsible for so that they can be assigned to you. If you already have an account but don’t have “Event Steward” access, please contact the Kingdom Webminister for assistance.

You’ll receive an email telling you when your account is approved and once you login you should see a new menu item under “Members” called “Manage Events”. Click on that link and you should see your event(s) listed. If not, please contact the Kingdom Webminister for assistance.


I submitted the event request form but I don't see my event on the Kingdom Calendar yet! Why not?

Each event that is submitted, either by PDF form or via online form, is reviewed by the appropriate Calendar Deputy. The Calendar Deputy’s main job is to ensure that events within close geographical proximity to each other do not conflict with each other. If a conflict is found, the Calendar Deputy works with the Hosts of the events to work out the conflict. Due to the human intervention necessary to approve events, it may take a little time to process your request. If you are concerned about how long it is taking to process your request, please contact the appropriate Calendar Deputy for your region:

Region Contact
Tir Righ

All other inquiries (e.g.: out of Kingdom events, Crown Council, etc.) should be directed to the Kingdom Calendar Deputy:

How can I submit a bid for a Kingdom Event?

All the information about creating and submitting bids for Kingdom Events can be found at the Kingdom Event Stewards’ website.

My event is on the calendar! How do I request a corresponding Facebook event?

You don’t have to! When your event was approved and published on the Kingdom Calendar, a request was automatically sent to the Social Media Deputy who will take care of creating that for you.

I have a different question! How do I get answers about the Kingdom Calendar?

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please direct them to the Kingdom Calendar Deputy and/or the Kingdom Webminister and they will be happy to help you.