Council of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Badge of the Members of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council

Role of the Council

The primary role of the EDI Council is to advise the Crown, Kingdom, and Society of opportunities that would help to bring the mission of the Council to full fruition.

The council conducts climate assessments, policy reviews, ceremonial reviews, fosters community engagement, and works towards fulfilling requested and recommended educational needs.

The committee also provides recommendations to the Crown and Kingdom when requested for EDI issues that may affect An Tir’s members or event sites.

An Tir’s EDI Council aligns with the work of the Society DEI Officer and relevant Kingdom level policies and procedures.

The Council is not an investigatory body and will work with other parties in order to resolve any complaints, primarily when the complaints fall under the purview or direction of the Bullying and Harassment policy and associated procedures.

The Council will always maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality, in order to respect the privacy of individuals. Identifiable information about individual populace members will not be shared at the populace level or on any social media sites/public forums.

Mission Statement

The overarching mission of the EDI Council is to promote the values of inclusive excellence throughout the Kingdom of An Tir. The Council strives to create an environment where everyone feels a sense a belonging, is encouraged to reach their fullest potential, and contributes to the success of our Kingdom and the Society. The EDI Council commits to maintaining an equity mindset while understanding the needs of our current and future populace as we work towards a more inclusive Kingdom and Society.

Vision Statement

The EDI Council is focused on transformational change and community building that positively embraces the successes of underrepresented groups in An Tir and beyond. The Council is committed to the Dream of a Society wherein everyone has an opportunity to learn about the SCA without fear of exclusion, is provided resources to explore the SCA at multiple levels, can enjoy educational experiences that enhance learnings about cultural differences, and is welcomed by a community that engages anyone who seeks to explore our organization.


The EDI Council consists of 9-10 general members, a chair, and the Kingdom EDI Officer (a deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal ).

Council membership should reflect diverse membership in terms of race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, socio-economic status, immigration status, geographic location, etc. Demographic considerations will be taken into account during selection process as information is available.

All Council members, populace members, guests, Royalty, and officers have a right to meaningfully participate in all EDI Council activities. Accommodations should be requested in writing to the chair, who will make every effort to meet individual needs as deemed reasonable by both parties.

Current Council Members

Chancellery of the Exchequer
The Chatelaines
Kingdom College of Heralds
Kingdom College of Scribes
Ministry of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Kingdom Chronicler
Office of the Kingdom Webminister
Council Secretaries
Equity Diversity Inclusion Council

Interim EDI Council Chair