Fort Lewis


Have IDs and all vehicle documents ready. There should be a representative there with a list of names of SCA members as of February 06 who will provide a vehicle pass that will allow you to drive up to the site to unload and park near by. Driving directions: Use the Dupont gate,merchants use the Logistics gate, as you leave the checkpoint area make the first left take a right at the second stop sign onto Pendleton Ave continue straight through XXX lights until you hit 41st Division Drive (you will see the airfield fence ahead of you.) Take a right continue to the next Two lights then take a Right ok this time we are going to be in the same place we where last year for the 4th which is across from the old PX next to the Movie theater I will get street names next time I go out Once you are on site you will be able to off load then park across the street from us so that we can get as many people in as possiable. Look for a big 20 x 40 tent. the open base activities start at 10 AM. Request everyone have their gear unloaded and be parked before then. No cars will be alloweed on that road after 10am for unloading.


Bldg 2272 Ligatte Ave
Ft. Lewis, WA 98433
United States

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