Táin Bó


Event Contact: Fye Jegerin

Hosted By Device of Glyn Dwfn
The Shire of Glyn Dwfn (Medford, Ashland, Jackson Counties, OR )

Event Summary:

Date: May 8 , 2020 until May, 10 2020
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on May 8th 2020
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on May 10th 2020

This is a Level 2 event.

The Great Cattle Raid is a family style event where the goal is to have so many things to do you can’t do them all.
There are classes, A&S competitions, Archery, Heavy, Rapier, and Cut and Thrust fighting, youth activities, and of course lots of Cattle Raiding!

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