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Hosted By Device of Glyn Dwfn
The Shire of Glyn Dwfn (Medford, Ashland, Jackson Counties, OR )

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Date: November 9 , 2019
Site opens at: 9:00 AM on November 9th 2019
Site closes at: 9:00 PM on

Samhain, Saturday November 2nd The Shire of Glyn Dwfn
The Shire of Glyn Dfwn welcomes all to join us to celebrate the Thinning of the Veil!
In many cultures a celebration of the lives that have gone ahead of us is held in the late fall, a time to to remember our fallen and departed and to consider our own mortality. People often believed that the barrier between the realm of the spirits and the realm of the living was thinnest – secrets could be revealed, loved ones contacted and lost ones guided on their way.  In some cultures it is a time for caution and for others a time to rejoice, but for all it is a time to reflect on our connection to the past, present and future!
This year we look forward to an event filled with activities that embrace the theme of the Thinning of the Veil, where things may not always be as they seem!
  What we will have is:
  • Combat!; Heavy, Rapier and Cut&Thrust competitions!
  • Snacks: a sumptuous day board; please add to our offerings with those of your own!
  • Cooking competition: TWO subtlety contests – appetizer AND dessert!
  • Classes! Multiple arts and sciences, practical and theoretical knowledge abounding!!
  • Bardic: An open call for folks to share a spooky story or haunting tune!
  • Dancing: A masquerade dance with lessons provided before hand, basic masks (provided as a site token that you can customize during the afternoon) or wow us with your special creation!
  • Live Music: A special musical guest!
  • Glyn Dwfn’s legendary feast – you will not go home hungry or less than delighted!
  • And finally, we invite all our guests to bring a remembrance of those that have gone before us – those in our SCA family as well as those who would have been family if they had found us before they departed.  We invite you to bring a small likeness, keepsake or memento to set in a place of honor for the evening.

The Shire of Glyn Dwfn is sensitive to the thin line that the SCA walks between recreation and cultural appropriation.We invite you therefore to bring your stories and learnings of how the culture you represent honors their fore-bearers.  Let us come to understand together the way that our cultures respect and assist their dead on their spiritual journey.

Find us at The Upper Rouge Community Center, 22465 Highway 62, Shady Cove Oregon 97539

Site fee: $20 or $15 with membership. Children 17 and under are free!

Site opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm

Questions comments or concerns?  Contact Her Ladyship Taran (Tamra Perry) or (541)944-3897

Lady Lady Ana Martín (Kaitlynn Alba) or (541)968-4362 

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Adult Registration – Non-Member $20.00
Adult Registration – Member $15.00
Children and Youht (17 & Under) FREE

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