Lion’s War


Event Steward: Caemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais

Hosted By Device of Lions Gate
The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary:

Date: August 2 , 2019 until August, 5 2019
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on August 2th 2019
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on August 5th 2019

Event site:
Island 22 Equestrian Site
45695 Cartmell Road Chilliwack, BC

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WAR!!!! Let it be known that the Great and Mighty Barony of Lions Gate has declared WAR…on EVERYONE! August 2 to 5, 2019 at Island 22 in Chilliwack, BC

Join the Barony of Lions Gate for its Premiere event, with grand tournaments and challenges in Heavy, Rapier, A&S, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Equestrian, Bardic, and Service…and Shenanigans, of course!   And the site? Think beautiful rolling fields and forest, and a river for cooling down when you have vanquished your foes! 


Details of Activities below, as posted (what aren’t we doing?):


  • At Lion’s War, there will be a crossbow tournament to decide who is the most accurate of you all. We will also test your endurance and your equipment as you will shoot over 100 bolts at the designated targets. Bring a spare string and extra bolts. Loaner crossbows will be available.
  • Long bow and recurve shooters can compete for fun, but it is the highest scoring arbalist that wins this day. 
  • We will also have the Forester’s Walk! Although we have no candidates for Forester this year, we will still offer the Forester’s Walk. Fully equipped, archers will walk one 3D field course. At each of 10 or more stations on the course, the archer will halt, aim, and shoot at the designated target (targets will be varying in height and visibility).
  • In cooperation with the Thrown Weapons Marshal-in-Charge and as time permits, there will be a similar walk using thrown weapons (primarily the spear).


From the same twisted mind who brought you bridge battles where the rivers were suspended in the atmosphere, the same twisted soul who let Viscount Vikingr hit himself with a planet…come war scenarios to tickle your fancy and confuddle your senses!
  • TWO DAYS OF SOLID MELEE FIGHTING, both Saturday and Sunday, all the rattan you can eat! Fear the might of Lions Gate’s archers! Tremble before the efforts of her sergeants! Stumble to a shocked halt as a Pelican takes the field! Fight your way into, or out of, sixty percent of a castle!
But, in the words of Viscountess Bernadette…no, not those words…yes, THOSE ones! Wait. There. Is. More!
  • Two (not one, but TWO) Armoured tournaments have been arranged!
    • The first, Friday night at sunset (that’s about 9:21pm, for those keeping track at home), The Sergeants of Lions Gate are sponsoring a torch lit tourney, with a prize, for all fighters who feel to test their mettle (or their opponents’ metal).
    • On the Monday morning, those who are not too exhausted, will have another chance, to fight, for honour, for glory…and for spins!
We will have ARTS & SCIENCE!
  • The A&S event challenge is a lion in any medium—useful and in your persona’s time period. Selection of the winner will be by popular vote.
  • We will also have a small sit-and-show where A&S-minded folks can relax in the shade, share their works-in-progress, and talk about any of their ongoing projects?
  • A small collection of signature workshops throughout the weekend. Details coming soon!
But WAIT!!! That’s not all!!! There will be BARDIC!!! We will have THREE entertaining and fun bardic activities!
  • 1. Extempore Stories: pick three words from a hat and make up a story on the spot (or with 5 minutes preparation).
  • 2. Wheel of Tropes: there will be a wheel with common song topics (that we will share beforehand) and the contestant will need to perform a piece involving that topic (e.g. “foreign language”… they might sing Frère Jacques).
  • 3. Readers Theatre Plays: Teams put together a mini play in a day based on existing scripts.
And as if that wasn’t enough already, there will be SUCH SHENANIGANS! As a start, our official Shenanigator has come up with valorous tavern battles, complete with “crockery”!!! And stay tuned—there’s even more in the works…
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Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Full Weekend (19 and over)  30
Single Day (19 and over) 15
Full/Day (18 and under) 0
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

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