Carnevale de Venezia Feast


Event Steward: Alaina Blackthorn

Hosted By Device of Dragon's Mist

The Barony of Dragon’s Mist (Washington county, OR )

Event Summary:

Date: March 23 , 2019
Site opens at: 9:00 AM on March 23th 2019
Site closes at: 10:00 PM on

Event site:
St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church
11265 SW Cabot Street Beaverton, OR 97005

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This is a Level 2 event.

Celebrate the opulence and pleasures of 16th century Italy. Join Dragon’s Mist for feasting, dancing, and fun diversions on the day of March 23th. Come all and grace Saint Barts church with costumed beauty. Events of the day:Costume Parade – Rapier Championship Challenge – Arts & Sciences Championship Bardic Championship:Indulgence – This dessert competition Games-Iron Scribal-Through the day we will also have dancing and classes to keep us entertained with everything culminating into a fantastic feast and the court of Their Excellencies Ana and Jose. The fee for this event is $15 with a $5 member discount for all those over the age of majority (18). In addition, it is $10 to partake in the feast ages 13 and up, and those under the age of 13 are invited to join their adult at no charge. (All fees are based per individual)

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Registration Information

Pre reg by emailing (please put in the subject line Carnevale) with the number of people you are pre registering for the feast.

Meal Information

Carnevale de Venezia Feast

Updated schedule!
9:00 Site Opens
10:30 Morning Court/ Invocation
11:00 Rapier Challenge armor inspection
11:00 Court as Theatre with Master Cormac
11:00 Daily life in Ancient Rome with Tullia Saturina
11:30 Rapier Challenge begins
11:30 A&S Championship Begins
11:30 Medieval Roots of a Modern Church: with Adele Marie Purrier
12:00 Iron Scribal begins a
12:00 Costume Parade
12:30 Bardic Championship
1:00 Dyes and Colors in history with Clare le Deyare
2:00 Arrow Field Repair Kit 101: With Rashida bint Yusuf
2:00 Dancing
4:00 Indulgence for the Coronets
4:00 Iron Scribal concludes
5:00 Carnevale Court
6:00 The Feast begins
10:00 Site Closes

Carnevale menu 2019

Carnevale menu 2019

First remove


Olives, kalamata and Manzanilla

Dates, whole pitted

Almonds, raw

Olive Oil

Second remove


Cabbage and Bacon

   (Green cabbage and bacon sauted in olive oil, salt)

Pork loin

   (Marinated in lemon, garlic, olive oil, salt.)


   (Beef, cinnamon, garlic, kosher salt, black pepper, parmesan cheese, beef collagen casing. Cooked in ‘Better Than Bouillon, Roasted Garlic base’ it is cert. vegan, water)

Third Remove

Arugula and baby spinach salad

Shredded Parmesan cheese

Dressing on the side, of olive oil, lemon juice, salt

Rice, white long grain

Onions in Saba

   (Onions sauted in olive oil and Saba. Saba is made from grapes)

Roasted Chicken with dried fruit stuffing

   (Stuffing consists of bread, golden raisins, currants, prunes, figs, raisins, cherries, Italian parsley, Fennel stalk, thyme, oregano, chives, marjoram)

Fourth remove

Jam tartlets

   (Phyllo tart shells, low sugar jam)

Almond Tart, plain and lemon. Gluten free

   (Almond flour, sugar, water, lemon zest, lemon juice, powdered sugar)

Classes Offered

Updated activities list.

1. Court as Theatre with Master Cormac Mor
Class Limit – 25 Time – 1.5 hours Description – Court as Theatre: It’s a course for everyone, an exciting and novel way to re-examine court, with everyone as an active participant in theatre. If you plan to be Royalty or seated Nobility, are a herald or court coordinator, the head of retinue, a member/aspiring member of court and/or guard, part of a major household, ever plan to make an announcement at court, or even just attend court, this class is for you!

2. Daily Life in Ancient Rome with Tullia Saturnina: Daily Life in Ancient Rome: We’ll cover cities and farms, from slaves to the uber rich, and gender differences. No cost, no limit on attendance. Guaranteed laughs. Domina Tullia Saturnina, JdL, GdS

3. Dyes and Colors in History with HL Clare le Deyare
The class will cover a brief history of natural dyes, detailing when and where certain dyes came into use. We will also discuss modern safety procedures as well the differences in dyeing animal and vegetable fibers and common mistakes to avoid. I will have fiber color samples to examine and various dye books for people to look at. Pretty much really a time where I show you all a lot of cool stuff, talk super nerdy and we all get excited about colors. Want to know more about Tyrian purple and actually get to see color samples and murex shells? This is the place to be! Class Length: 1 hr Class size: Unlimited, all my handouts are on my blog

4. Medieval Roots of a Modern Church, Part Two: Religious Practices in Christian Medieval England: with Lady Adele Marie Purrier
This presentation is a short overview of the practices of the Church in England through the reign of the Virgin Queen, as illustrated by the modern Episcopal Church. It is a companion to the article in the March Dragon’s Tongue. Please note that this presentation is explanatory only, and in no way, shape or form endorses any church or religious practice. No cap on attendance.

5. Arrow Field Repair Kit 101: Taught by HL Rashida bint Yusuf
Learn about some suggested, basic components of a kit for repairing target and combat arrows when you’re away from home! We’ll chat about making common repairs without electricity, and have plenty of time for general discussion afterward. Handouts provided.

Costume Parade
Indulgence dessert competition

Join the Scribes of Dragon’s Mist while we compete to find the best Illuminators in the land. Paint charterers and win fabulous prizes! All skill levels welcome. Some materials will be provided. Entries will be kept by the Barony of Dragon’s Mist

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