Stromgard Founding Revel


Event Steward: Lady Kata of House Bread

Hosted By Device of Stromgard
The Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, WA)

Event Summary:

Date: February 23 , 2019
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 23th 2019
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on

Event site:
Camas Community Center
1718 SE 7th Ave Camas, WA 98607

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This is a Level 2 event.

The Noble Barony of Stromgard invites you join us in celebration of our founding. The day will be filled with fun, family activities, a basket auction, dirty dozen largess competition, Baron and Baroness candidate meet and greet, feasting as well as the StormMaker Tournament.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Heavy Fighting Activities
Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust Activities
Arts & Sciences Activities

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Site Fees

Fee Type Cost
Gate Fee (Youth are free) $15.00*
Feast Fee (Adult) $10.00
Feast Fee (Child 12-17) $5.00
Feast Fee (Child 0-11) Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location   Time Activity Location
9:00am Gate Opens Entry Hall   2:30pm The Plague!…class Classroom A
9:30am Opening Court Feast Hall   3:00pm Largesse Derby Ends (Winner to be announced at court)  
  Storm Maker Tournament- starting immediately following court.      3:30pm Embellisher’s Guild Class  Classroom A
11:00am Silent Auction Begins Entrance Hall     Kids Melee Castle (Playground)
  Largesse Derby Begins (Be sure to cast your vote) Feast Hall   4:00pm Silent Auction Ends (Be sure to collect your loot) Entry Hall
  Heavy & Rapier Fighting Begin (Mini Tournaments throughout the day, Fighting field to close at 3:30) Basket Ball Court        
11:30am  Family Spice Boat Decorating Classroom B   4:30 Gate Close  
12:30pm Afternoon Snack       Closing Court Feast Hall
  Family Painting Class Classroom B   6:00pm Feast Begins! Feast Hall
1:00pm Newcomers Class Classroom A        
1:30pm Family Dragon Making Class  Classroom B   9:00pm Site Closes  Go Home!

Baron &Baroness Candidate Informal Meet & Greet. 

Feel free to mingle and chat up the candidates during the 2pm-3pm time slot. They are there to answer questions and get to know the lovely populace they are vying to serve. 

      Thank you for joining us in celebrating our Barony. We hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you again next year.   


Meal Information

This year’s theme is the Spice Route. The lovely and talented Tatyanna and team will be making a feast you won’t want to miss. She has done much research to take you on a culinary journey with a surprise. Please bring your own feast gear. There will be a wash station on site. An afternoon snack is planned but please be prepared with a luncheon for yourself and family.
First Remove: Italy – Pork Roulade, Cheese Stuffed Eggs, Garnished Turnips, Mountain Mushrooms, Herb Salad Nucato.
Second Remove: Portugal – Moorish Chicken, Bread Hazelnuts (Meatballs), Meat Filled Pastries Macapao.
Third Remove: France – Cinnamon Soup, Parma Tart, Little Cabbages, Lenten Slices.
Fourth Remove: To be announced.

Registration Information

There is no preregistration for this event. However there is limited seating for the feast. There are 120 feast seats available. It will be on a first come bases and color of site token will be your ticket into the feast portion of the event. This will be handled at gate upon your arrival. For those who do not wish to partake in this excellent feast we still encourage you to come out for the day. Just pay gate fee upon your arrival and enjoy the activities and stay through evening court.

Tournament Information

Silent Basket Auction: Take part in this Stromgard Tradition! Fill a basket for others to bid on, bid on a basket, win a basket! Households & groups of friends can create a basket together. No spare basket? Bring a donation anyway – if it can be basketized on site, it shall be.
The theme for this year is “Welcome Friend.” What would you bring to a friend to welcome them into the SCA? How creative can you get? What would you like to purge from your SCA Stash for a good cause?
1. Baskets/donations are set out on the Basket Auction Tables for people to view. Cards denoting minimum bid prices, if any, or approximate value, and description of items are placed near each basket/donation, with blank lines wherein people can write their bids.
2. As the day goes on, others may outbid. Bidding ends at 4, whence bids are collected.
3. Winning bids are announced at court or during the feast (according to needs & time constraints of Coronet & Event Steward on day of event – TBA).
4. Winners pay for their prize, collect it, and take it home.
(See Helvi, shepherdess of the auction tables).

ATTENTION CRAFTERS: Begin those largesse projects now to compete in the largesse derby coming up February 23 at Stromgard’s FOUNDING REVEL! The winner gets to choose a prize! Make a dozen pieces of largesse, matching or in a theme, bring them to the event and the populace will vote on the items they like best. 

ATTENTION FIGHTERS: Come on out and compete in a fun mini tournament complete with fun novelty prizes for both rapier and heavy. 

Rapier – Poker tourney 5 card hand Everyone gets 5 cards to start Round Robin (fight everyone at least one depending on numbers) If you lose winner picks a card and decided if it makes their hand better or doesnt need it and gives it back to the opponent. Or the winner can choose to draw from the deck and discard one. Winner has the best poker hand. Loser gets a rock and a story. 

ATTENTION THRILL SEEKERS: Ivon and Hlutwige, Lord and Lady Stromgard herewith invite all to vie for the honour of being named StormMaker, Champion of the Arts and Sciences of the Barony of Stromgard at Founding Revel, February 23 (2019) in the Barony of Stromgard. Our current StormMaker Anneke will be defending her title. Those wishing to compete for this title must inform Their Excellencies via electronic communique no later than February 10 (2019) and be prepared to present a Letter of Intent at morning court at the event.

Each competitor is required to research, document and present two (2) complete and distinct entries plus an entry to be created on site the day of the tournament (see “Mystery Box” below).

Competitors are required to make a fire using flint and steel or other period technique as well as use the fire in some way in their third entry. Each competitor is allowed a small outdoor space for a “camp” within which they may present the first two entries and prepare the third. Competitors will need a fire pit in which to build fire. Various tinder, wood and charcoal will be provided.

Now, to the matter of the third entry;
Competitors may have one person who will serve as adviser/assistant/helper. Please inform us as to who will be serving as such in your Letter of Intent. Each competitor will be given a “Mystery Box” filled with various items (all Mystery Boxes will have like contents). The competitor and their adviser will have 10 minutes to work out a plan for the entry based on the contents of the Mystery Box. There will be several areas of the arts and sciences to choose from. Once competitors have made a plan of attack, they and their advisers will visit the “sideboard” for 10 minutes. Competitors and their adviser may trade item for item from the Mystery Box to the sideboard for needed/wanted items. Competitors may also choose to trade item for item with each other. An attempt at more than one finished item is encouraged. It is worth noting that the competitor should be the main source of ideas and execution of the entry(s). Please bear in mind that the creation of the entry(s) must be at the direction of the competitor.

Time is up! Competitors and their advisers will have three hours to create the third entry using the items in the Mystery Box and the fire the competitor must build.
If you feel you have what it takes to be Stromgard’s Champion, to be the StormMaker, wear the cloak, display your work, prove your skill; then send your intent to:

Ivon Baron Stromgard (Gerald Edward Barber (
Hlutwige Baroness Stromgard (Lois Hale
StormMaker Anneke (Jessica Hagan

Volunteer Information

We are always looking for people to volunteer. Many hands make light work. For more information on volunteer opportunities or if you want to host a class/activity please contact the event steward Lady Kata (Breanna Quinones) via facebook or at subject Founding Revel. 

Kitchen crew could use a few more hands to help out. Especially with closing duties. If you are able to help please contact Tatyanna (Jenn Contreras-Perez) via facebook or at subject Founding Revel.

Gate opportunities are also available. If you are willing and able to help out at gate please contact Qara (Misti Spiering) at 360-953-0947. Please leave a message. 

Classes Offered

Family Spice Boat Making/Decorating – Hosted by Lady Annora 

Family Dragon Making– Join Lady Kata in for a quick and fun kids activity. We are making dragons! Complete with googly eyes and paper flames!

So you Wanna be a SCAdian?- Class held by: Dagmar Thorfinrsdottir Barony of Stromgard Kingdom of An tir. This is the perfect introduction to eventing for Newcomers who may be intimidated, lost or just plain overwhelmed. The SCA can be a wonderful place to make new friends, learn new skills and just geek out in a safe & fun environment. But How!?! WE will go over the following topics to get you set up for success at your next event: How to interact and behave + networking to find your niche. How to camp, What to wear, and Things to bring all on a Budget $$. Included in the handout will be some basic patterns and photos for reference, Connections to various SCAdians, Tips and Tricks for bigger events.

The Plague!– Join Lady Helvi for a participatory presentation of the origins, effects and lasting consequences of the Black Plague that swept through Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, the Mediterranean, Western, Eastern and Central Europe, and Scandinavia.

Split Stitch Embroidery- Taught by HL Giana Visconti. Split stitch embroidery is one of the oldest and most common forms of embroidery, used in everything from Viking embroidery and the Bayeux Tapestry to Elizabethan embroidery. This hands-on class will get you started, showing you how to use split stitch as an outline stitch and as a fill stitch and sending you home with a small project to practice on.

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