Lions Gate Trials


Event Steward: Ciana dei Libri

Hosted By Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary:

Date: August 12 , 2016 until August, 14 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 12th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 14th 2016

Lions Gate Trials

Lions Gate

August 12-14

Vancouver BC

Sergeant, Gallant, Yeoman, Lancer, Steward,
and Artisan.

Many are the names who serve Their
Excellencies through the Order of Sergeantry and the Order of
Courtier. Those looking to test their mettle and join these Orders
will need to pass through the Trials. Candidates must petition the
Baroness for permission to participate in these trials, and must
prepare to participate in the testing. Candidates will be tested on
fighting, dancing, history, heraldry, armor, games, service, and
courtly behaviors. Current and former members of these Orders, as
well as any and all who would like to help, are welcome to join us
for the weekend to assist in the testing.

Additionally for those not testing there will
be many activities throughout the day to join in on including Basic
Horsemanship, Archery, Arts and Sciences and History Classes, other
Equestrian Activities, a rapier tournament, games, dance, a bardic
circle and much more. Come celebrate in Lions Gate.

Registration fee: $25 (Member
discount of $5) Youth 17 and under are free. Make cheques payable
to the Barony of Lions Gate

Tentative Event Schedule. More details and
classes to come.


3:00 pm Site opens
7:00 pm Candidate meet and greet

9:00 am Wake up call
10:00 am Opening court and invocation of the Cut and Thrust
Champions List
10:30 am Candidate armour inspections and testing
Cut and Thrust inspections
11:00 am Candidate core testing begins including heavy, archery and
Cut and Thrust championship begins
2:00 pm Estimated beginning of candidate aspect testing
4:00 pm Dance testing begins
8:00 pm Bardic circle

9:00 am Wake up call
10:00 am Courtesy meeting
11:00am Sergeantry meeting
1:00 pm Closing court
4:00 pm Site closes

Paddock rental fee: $10 You
are responsible for your horse’s care while onsite. This
includes feed, water and cleaning up after them. You must contact
the event team before the event in order to arrange arrival and
departure times.

Please note: The entire site is an Equestrian
area. Minors not attending with their parent or guardian must, in
addition to the required Medical Authorization for Minors
(, bring a
signed Equestrian waiver

Apologies the above waivers were incorrect
before August 8 2016. If you printed off the waivers before that
time you will need to print a new one. The waiver is now correct
for the place in which this event is happening.

You will be responsible for taking your
garbage with you when you leave. No fire pits or propane braziers
permitted. Smoking in designated areas only. Dogs are allowed on
site and An Tir leash laws will be in effect; please pick up after
your pooch!


Please note that no merchanting is allowed at
this event. The FVRD requires additional permits that were not
workable for this event this year. Please do not sell or advertise
the sale of anything on site. If you would have liked to or had
been planning to merchant at this event please let the event team
know so we can advise next years team whether or not this is
important for this event.

Site Info

Island 22 Equestrian Park

45695 Cartmell Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2P 4A6

Please be aware that the park gates close at
sunset, for this particular weekend that means 9:00PM, but security
will let SCA participants in or out till 9:30, they will open again
at 6AM, we apologize for the inconvinience and ask that you plan
accordingly. Security staff will be on site all night and can open
the gate in case of an emergency.

Event Steward:
Ciana dei Libri, Anneka.homfeld at

Co Event Steward: Eleanor Odlowe,
eleanor.odlowe at


Marshal in Charge: Kian O’Ruadhri

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