Event Steward: Asa Vedisdottir

Hosted By Device of Glymm Mere
The Barony of Glymm Mere (Thurston, Grays Harbor, and South Mason counties, WA )

Event Summary:

Date: May 13 , 2016 until May, 15 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 13th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 15th 2016

Event site:
Tenino City Park
319 Park Ave. W Tenino, WA 98589

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Mayfaire 2016


Knights, and Ladies, and Bards….oh my!


There will be fighting, and archery, and varied arts and artists to behold.


The Barony of Glymm Mere invites you to join us in re-creating  the Middle Ages at Mayfaire, a public demonstration and event.  Please help us educate our modern guests both on the Medieval and Renaissance World and our roles in preserving this part of history.


The activities will include:


Two-and-Under Rapier Tournament

Any fighter with less than 2 years experience with a rapier or a fighter that has never won a tournament. Seeding will be judged on known experience. Bring your best and show what you have learned.


Two-and-Under Heavy Tournament

Any fighter with less than 2 years experience in armor or a fighter that has never won a tournament. Seeding will be judged on known experience. Bring your best and show what you have learned.

Champions Tournaments

Our champions serve as role models and as inspiration for the populace.  Come try your skills and vie for the position of Champion of Glymm Mere


Baronial Heavy Champions Tournament

Details and format to come.


Baronial Rapier Champions Tournament

Prize: Rubber Band Gun
Format: Swiss format with each round you fight everyone.

Each Fight Best 2 of 3
5 rounds with each round will have a different weapon combination.

After each round the top 3 fighters fighting to be champion will be given points 1st 3 2nd 2 3rd 1.

The 2 highest scoring fighters will move to finals. The fighter with most overall wins will win the prize.

*10:00 am Round 1 Single sword. (*or 15 minutes after court.)

11:00 am Round 2 Sword and baton.

1:00 pm Round 3 Sword and cloak.

2:00 pm Round 4 Sword and shield.

3:00 pm Round 5 Sword and dagger. 

*4:30 pm The final rounds will be best of 5. 

*Goal is to be done 1 hour before final court.

Fight 1 Single sword.
Fight 2 Sword and baton.
Fight 3 Sword and cloak.
Fight 4 Sword and shield.
Fight 5 Sword and dagger. 

Armor inspection and list will open at 8:30 or before opining court.

Pre-registration for list email with your name, membership number, and desire to fight for championship.


Baronial YAC Champions Tournament

The Barony of Glymm Mere is renowned throughout the known world for the skilled and honorable fighters we produce. In the spirit of continuing this tradition with the next generation of fighters, Baron Dunstan M’Lolane and Baroness Aelisia of Cambrewell have put out the call to all the reaches of the Barony for all young fighters, from the ages of 6 to 17, to come and compete to become the Youth Armored Combat Champion of Glymm Mere, and to stand with our Baron and Baroness as a shining example of the skill, chivalry, and honor that makes our Barony great.

 There are three age groups the young fighters will be competing in: The Lions ages 6 to 9; The Griffons ages 10 to 12; and The Dragons ages 13 to 17. Each age group will have it’s own winner, there will also be an over all tournament winner, and Championship winner as well.

 Each age group will compete in a Round Robin format, depending on number of participants. The winner of each age group will advance to the Final round, which will be best 2 out of 3 format. Each age group will have a winner. Overall tournament winner will be determined by finals round. YAC Championship will be determined by the following point system.  Whoever accumulates the most points throughout the tournament will be champion.

+1 point for every win.
+1 point if you defeat an opponent one age group higher (accumulative).
+1 point for chivalrous actions in a round, only 1 point per round.
+1 point if you have at least one piece of your own gear.
+1 point if you need to borrow no more than 3 pieces of gear.
+1 point for a complete set of gear.

Baronial Brewing Champions Tournament

 MUST be brewed or vinted. (I.e. no cordials, mixed drinks, etc.)

• There will be two separate categories. Brewing and vinting. Mead and wines will compete against each other and beers will compete against each other. In the case of a tie the judges will base the final decision on total factors (I.e. difficulty, source of the recipe, etc.)

• The strength does not matter. (I.e. anything from a small beer or ginger beer to a full blown double beer or traditional mead.

• Documentation will be a HUGE plus for an entry as this is an art, a science, AND a championship.

• Taste will always be a plus, HOWEVER, if you are following a period recipe and staying true to period practice, there will be heavy allowances for that. That being said, please do not try and make the judges throw up.

• IF you are working on a project that should age much longer than the time we have before the competition we can take that into consideration as well. If you can, please do not go this direction but I, as well as anyone, knows the draw when a certain book or recipe speaks to you.

• Each entrant is limited to TWO (2) entries. This will save wear and tear on the judges’ livers as well as shorten the length of time needed to get through all entries.



Cordial Competition

Since cordials have been excluded from the Baronial Championship, there will be a separate competition for these entries.  More details will be forthcoming.


Family Activities

There will be numerous activities, competitions, and classes planned for kids of all ages.  More information to come



Details and format to come.


A&S exhibits and demonstrations

To all of the excellent artists and artisans in our midst….come show your stuff!   There will be a hall on site set aside for A&S displays as well as areas available for demonstrations.  Table space in the hall may be limited, so please contact event steward with your space requirements.


Potluck Feast


We want to invite our non-SCA attendees to join us in feasting after the day’s activities.  House Corhaven and Glymm Mere will be Sponsoring the feast.  Meat, bread and cheese will be provided – bring a side if you wish, but there will probably be plenty of food. 


The final schedule is still pending, but tentative schedule is as follows:



10:00 am             site opens for merchants


12:00pm              site opens for attendees




8:30 am                  Armor inspection for Rapier Championship Tournament


9:00 am                  Opening court


10:00 am               Archery Range opens

       Rapier Tournament begins

       Family activities area opens

       A&S Areas open


10:30 am               Armor inspection for 2 & Under Heavy Tournament

                              Armor inspection for YAC begins


11:00 am               Two-and-under Heavy Tournament begins

                               YAC Tournament begins


1:00 pm                 Baronesses Tea & Story Time

      Entries due for Brewing Championship and Cordial competition


2:30 pm                 Armor inspection for Heavy Championship Tournament


3:00 pm                 Heavy Championship Tournament


4:00 pm                 Family activities area closes

                                A&S areas close


4:30 pm                 Archery range closes           


5:00 pm                 Closing Court


6:00 pm                 Feast




2:00 pm                 Site Closes



Event Fees:     “Free to see, but registration is required for participation”

Camping:        Adults (18 and Over) $15.00 ($5.00 NMS applies for non-members);

Youth UNDER 18 FREE.

Day Trip:         Adults (18 and Over) $10.00 ($5.00 NMS applies for non-members);

Youth UNDER 18 FREE.



Site Info:         Tenino City Park

                        319 Park Ave W

                        Tenino, WA  98589


Event Steward:  Asa Vedisdottir (Rhea Thomas)

                        15625 92nd Way SE

                        Yelm, WA  98597

                        251-422-4660 (cel)

                        360-400-0370 (res)


Merchant Coordinator:  Eilidh a’ Fiadhaich Coille/ Debbie Freelove








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