Tournament of Armies V


Event Steward: Callen Drakkar

Hosted By Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary:

Date: August 1 , 2014 until August, 4 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 1th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 4th 2014


Day of Wrath and Doom


Heaven and Earth in ashes


Death is struck, and Nature


End of Days! End of


Heed the call, Warlords


Time has run and all must


Your final stand in Heaven’s


End of Days! End of



A Tournament of Armies V –
End of Days


Glory in the bloodshed that is
the Final Battle! Bands of Warriors, Archers, Artisans and
Scientists, supported by mighty Households, gather August 1st to
August 4th at the Grene Wode to Wage War in the final











Family Cap: $50

Fee:     $15


   Plus Non-Member
Surcharge (NMS) where applicable.





(We know you know, but please
read through ’em anyway)


There is some potable water on
site for washing etc.  The faucet is on the north-west side of
the bridge and will be marked.  Showers are available nearby,
by donation.  Water is limited as this is a working farm –
please don’t take more than you need.


Quiet time will start at 11 pm
on Friday, and Midnight on Saturday.  Quiet time means no
drumming and only moderate revelry in camp!


***  At the owners request
only propane camp fires will be allowed.  The
fields are quite dry and we do not want any sparks or embers
causing a problem.  Contained flames in lanterns and monitored
tiki torches will be permitted.  Please note that this may
change based on the fire danger in the Coastal Fire Region. If you
have a propane brazier you must also have an extinguisher or other
reasonable means of dealing with fire danger.  ***


The SCA has a long history of
practicing a “Leave no traces” method of camping.  The Event
Steward team will look for your help in following this practice at
A Tournament of Armies.


We will be abiding by the An
Tir Leash Law.  Please make the event enjoyable for all
attending and keep your four-legged family member tethered while on
site.  Pets must be cleaned up after by their


Please secure your food and
beverage storage, and mind your trash and recycling.


There is a small garbage bin on
site.  It can be found near gate.  This is for Garbage
only.  If you are able to take your garbage home with you
please do.


Recycling is to be removed from
the site by attendees.  Please do not leave any by the garbage
bin.  Recycling bags are available at Gate if you need


No Grey Water pits
please.  They represent a significant threat for


Smoking permitted in your own
camp provided your neighbours are ok with it.


This is a working farm; please
ensure you remove all debris from your camp site.  Use extra
care with cigarette butts, broken glass, tent spikes, bottle caps,


Due to the number of activities
taking place on site, we remind you to mind the war fields and
archery range, and especially to keep an eye on your





Please note that exact times
may change.  If you are day tripping, please arrive early for
whatever you plan to participate in. See also “Scenarios &
Tournaments” below.




 2:00 pm   
Site Opens 


 8:00 pm   
Nervous Newcomers Bardic competition (location TBD)


Secret theme of the Siege A&S Competition announced at


 8:30 pm   
All-Marshals Meeting – All marshals, MIC’s and field marshals
(location TBD)


11:00 pm   
Quiet Time begins (no drumming, only moderate revelry)




am    Opening Court


Welcoming by the Baron and Baroness


Explaining the Tactical Rules and Parameters (TRP’s)

Invocation of Lists. Each Army with all its followers will perform
/ display its “End of Days Processional” for Coins.


10:00 am   
Archery and Thrown Weapon competitions begin


“End of Days” A&S Competitive Exhibition opens – lay out your


11:30 am   
Armour inspection and warm up for rapier fighters


12:00 pm   
Rapier War scenarios begin  (Request that all rapier fighters
help marshal for the first couple heavy scenarios)


  1:00 pm   “End
of Days” A&S Competitive Exhibition presentations &


Armour inspection and warm up for Heavy Fighters


pm    Heavy War scenarios begin


Archery Boon Tournament


pm    Rapier Boon Tournament


pm    End of fighting for the day


pm    Principality Court


  8:00 pm   “End
of Days” A&S Competitive Exhibition closes – recover your


“End of Days” Bardic
(Tentative) Pas d’Armes – multi discipline tournament – Heavy,
Rapier, Cut and Thrust, Boffer, etc.


12:00 am   
Quiet Time begins (no drumming, only moderate revelry)




am    A&S Siege Competition presentations &


10:00 am   
Heavy War scenarios continue


pm    Fighting Ends


pm    Combat Archery Prize Tournament


pm    Cut and Thrust Tournament


pm    Closing Court (Principality Court if desired
by HRH)




PM    Site Closes.  Please “Leave no traces” at
your camping area.





Classes organized by the Lady
Aelana Cordovera for the University of Tir Righ.  Register at
her Merchant’s booth; pay instructors directly. Still room for more
teachers to sign up.




12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  Master
Nikolai Andreiov “Games”. Learn how to play games the way medieval
people did.  For all ages.  Includes instruction and
playing time.  $2 for handout, 8 students.


12:00 pm – 2:00 pm  Niall
An Bacach “Making Garb for New Sewers”.  An introduction to
making basic T-tunic patterns and accessories.  $1 for
handout, 8 students.


12:00 pm – 2:00 pm  HL
Azure al Kabeelah “Intermediate Bardic”.  A hands on class to
improve Bardic performance.  $5 for songbook, 10
students.  At Merchant “JC Superstore”.


  2:00 pm  – 3:00
pm  Niall An Bacach “Voice for Heralds”.  Projection and
Voice Development for those interested in exploring voice
heraldry.  $1.


  2:00 pm – 6:00 pm 
Ingvar the Restless “Intro to Bodhran”.  History and technique
of playing the Celtic drum, demonstration and practice time
included.  Cost TBA for extensive handout, 8 loaner bodhrans


  3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (or
after after Adult fighting finishes, listen for heralds)  Sgt
Jaysen Werner “Boffer Tournament”. Parents should contact Sarg John
on Facebook ( for requirements
for children who do not have helmets.  Some loaner gear





Warlords – gather your
armoured, your rapiers, your archers, your devisers and ensure you
bring the backbone of any battle – your service army.


If you are Warlord looking to
fill your ranks, or a warrior, devisor or attendant looking for a
Warlord, we will have opportunities on Friday night at the Stewards
Hall to make arrangements, as well as during Armour Inspections at
Court on Saturday and Sunday Mornings.  See Schedule for more
details.See also Scenarios & Competitions below.





You can have 10 heavy fighters
in your heavy unit, BUT, knights and combat archers take 2 slots.
So a unit of 2 knights and 1 combat archer could have 4 regular
heavies to fill it out to 10 slots.


Heavy units earn





You can have 4 rapier fighter
in your rapier unit, BUT, white scarves take 2 slots. So a unit
with 1 white scarf could have 2 regular rapier fighters to fill it
out to 4 slots. An RBG with 10 shot is 1 slot. No


Rapier units earn





You can have 10 archers in your
archery unit, BUT a goose takes 2 slots. A unit with 3 geese could
have 4 regular archers to fill it out to 10 slots.


Archery units earn Negative
Regen (NR) boons.





There is no limit to how many
people can throw for a Warlord. Adults only.


Earns Negative Regen (NR)



Arts and


There is no limit to the number
of Arts and Science people you can deploy.


A&S units earn Regeneration
(Regens) boons.





There is no limit to the number
of Service people you can deploy.


Service units earn


All Activities earn 5 coins per
hour (Subject to change during event planning)

⁃    Gate / Lists

⁃    Watch / Marshaling

⁃    Waterbearing / Teaching /





There is no limit to the number
of Equestrians you can deploy.


Equestrians earn





There is no limit to the number
of Bards you can deploy.


Bards earn Coins





(Prices subject to change
during event planning)



You can buy more


Heavy Fighter – 10

Knight – 20 coins

Combat Archer – 20

White Scarf – 20

Rapier Fighter – 10

RBG with 10 Shot – 10

Goose – 30 coins

Archer – 10 coins



You can buy


Regen – 10 coins

Negative Regen – 10





In order to either warm up for
your War scenarios or to just get some more fights in with your
friends, we are looking for volunteers to run several fun
tournaments throughout the weekend.  If you are interested or
have an idea please see Warwick or Callen and we will see how best
to facilitate this for you.  Unless otherwise noted all
armoured and rapier tournaments will be held in the erics near

See also Event Schedule




Friday Night


Scenario 1 – Knight err……
Night Shoot


Confident in the Knights
ability to fend off all who would oppose them, a Squire has decided
to set up lanterns to ease the Knights way about camp! Noble
Archer…  Can you show the Squire the error of his


Earns Negative



Saturday Morning


Scenario 2 – Good vs.


Before you are the hearts of
good and evil…. can you take out the evil ones?


Earns Negative



Scenario 3 – The Demons have
taken the Abbey


Demons! In the Abbey…….The
horror…. Demons have taken the Abbey and the monks have had to
abandon the brewhouse! Can you help wrest control of the Abbey


Earns Negative



Scenario 4 – The Great Old(ish)


His noodly appendages reach out
to change all they touch.


“Thou shalt have no other
monsters before Me. I am the Flying Spaghetti


Earns Negative



Saturday Afternoon


Further Scenarios


Children’s / Youth


After that, Royal Rounds and
IKAC’s for all


Earns Negative



Thrown Weapons


Anyone can throw (Adults only).
There will be an image on the target and a point given for every
weapon that sticks.


Earns Negative



Arts & Sciences


Saturday Morning


“End of Days”


Each participating Army will be
awarded Regens on the spot at Opening Court by the Baron of Lions
Gate for its shock-and-awe demonstration of apocalyptic prowess in
all martial, bardic, dance and artistic fields.



Saturday Afternoon


“End of Days” A&S
Competitive Exhibition


In any medium, with short
presentations and judging Saturday afternoon, on the criteria of
Craftsmanship (functionality, difficulty and detail), Authenticity
(of materials, tools, methods and purpose), Elegance (creativity,
originality, knowledge, display and fit to theme) and Documentation
(one page to be part of the exhibit and to support the above). Many
Regens will be awarded to the artisans to be passed on to their
Warlords, for Best in Show, Honourable Mention in other categories
at the discretion of the Judges, and Worthy



Sunday Morning


“Surprise Theme” A&S Siege


On a theme to be announced
earlier this weekend and assembled on-site from whatever
competitors have brought, borrowed, bought or found there. Short
presentations and judging before the day’s battles. Criteria as
above, except no written documentation will be required. Again,
Regens will be awarded.



Heavy & Rapier


Rapier will be resolved on


Heavy will finish Saturday with
2 armies that on Sunday engage in 2 coin rounds followed by Push
Battle for the final victor and Warlord.




Counting Coup


1 coin per armband brought back
to Lists.  Once a fighter reports to Lists  they may not
re-enter fray.  Dead fighters do not report – any armbands on
a dead fighter may be taken.  Fighters left on the field after
30 minutes are dead and not counted.


30 minute time limit.  A
15 minute warning will be given.



Capture the Flag + Counting


Each Warlord will be wearing a
SPECIAL flag.  Bringing a SPECIAL flag back to lists is worth
10 coins.  All fighters will be wearing counting coup flags,
and each is also worth 1 coin.  Bonus of 1 coin per man left
alive in your unit. Once a warlord reports they may not re-enter


30 minute time limit.  A
15 minute warning will be given.



Merge Round


No coins earned. 
Challenges predicated on highest coins – high coins challenge down.
Winner of challenge becomes Warlord of both.  The Challenged
Warlord selects the Scenario:










Coin Round


Low coins challenge
up.   The Challenged Warlord selects the Scenario (see
above). Win scenario for 25 coins + 1 coin for every warrior left


Push Battle


Once all the warbands have been
merged into 2 armies, they engage in push battle for the final





Friday Evening


Nervous Newcomers Bardic


A Pick, Pass or Play
(facilitated) Bardic Circle, contests for Best Youth Performance,
Best Lullabye, and Best War Chant. Coins will be earned.



Saturday Evening


Bardic Tournament


To the theme “End of Days”,
this will be a standard double elim format, theme tourney, with
themes for each round drawn from a hat and each competitor given
five minutes to come up with a competition performance on that
theme. Themes will include Death, the Otherworld, Judgement, War,
Famine, Rapture and Wordfame. Bards are matched up and perform back
to back, and then the bard who feels his performance was NOT the
winner opts to take the loss. Coins plus prizes for first and
second place in the Tourney, for Best Death and for Honourable
Conduct, as chosen by the other competitors.





Four Horsemen


Arena is set up with a tilt
with the quintain at X, four rings standards along the west wall, a
large javelin target at A, heads posts randomly set throughout, and
an assortment of food objects suspended on fences, placed on the
tilt or otherwise dispersed. The heads posts are labelled with the
names of Kings of England, the Javelin target is set with fluid
filled balloons. There are Boon tokens hidden in each of the
events. Each quandrant of the ring has a dedicated groundscrewman,
and a scorer overall. There will also be a flare judge who will
watch the whole event and award points for riding with style,
cleverness in puzzle solving, and/or good horsemanship.


Death: slay as many of the
Kings as possible, in the order they actually died! One head will
bear a Boon token.


Pestilence: throw Javelins to
burst as many “pustules” as possible. One balloon will bear a Boon


Famine: gather as many food
items as possible from the stashes in the arena. One food item will
bear a Boon token.


War: one strike of the Quintain
(must make it spin) enters one for the War challenge: highest
cumulative score from the other challenges will decide the winner.
A Boon token will be placed on the quintain, to go to whoever
dislodges it.



Which Quid Game


Arena is cleared of all
obstacles, and three target rings are placed on opposite corners.
Players are divided into teams, and paired up according to skill
(W, T or C). A ball or beanbag is the Quiffle, and must be tossed
through the target rings to get points, five points for the big
ring, ten for the small. It can be blocked by an opposing player
with sword or with racquet. After a set number of minutes, players
switch out until everyone has had a turn to try and score points.
At random times a fifth rider may enter the ring, bearing on their
belt a winged ball in a sock, which, if retrieved, scores the
retrievers side fifty points and ends the game.



Other challenges


Flag race: pomp and ceremony a
big bonus. Ride pretty, win coins!


Egg and spoon: all competitors
are given an egg on a spoon which they must carry in one hand.
Lined up across the width of the ring, the caller calls for them to
proceed down the arena at walk, then turn and walk back, then trot,
turn and trot back, etc, until only one egg remains on its


Ride a buck: each rider places
a strip of paper under their knees and then rides under the
direction of a caller at all gaits safe, until only one rider has a
strip left under their knee. Even more fun if bareback.




Site Info:

Name: The Grene Wode

25133 O Ave

Langley, BC



Directions to Site:


   From the East:
Make your best way to HWY 1. Take HWY 1 West. Get off at 264,
heading South. Turn Right at 0 Ave. Event is on your right hand
side after 256 St and before 248 St.


   From the West:
Make your best way to HWY 1. Take HWY 1 East. Get off at 264,
heading South, follow directions above.


   From the South:
Make your best way to Guide Meridian (WA539, Meridian St. or exit
256 on the I5.) Cross the Border at Lynden/Aldergrove crossing.
Turn left at 0 Ave. Event is on your right hand side after 256 St
and before 248 St.



Also Known


Donatello’s Farm (The

25133 Zero Ave.

Aldergrove, BC  V4W


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