Grand Thing VII


Event Steward: Ivon Drengr

Hosted By Device of Stromgard
The Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, WA)

Event Summary:

Date: May 25 , 2012 until May, 28 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 25th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 28th 2012

Event site:
Columbia County Fairgrounds
58892 Saulser Rd. St. Helens, OR 97051

Click here for more information about this location such as site amenities, rules, and restrictions.

 NEW ADDED CLASSES! (see below)

RV reservations are full, non reserved RV will go to overflow.
Group camping reservations are closed.  There is still open camping areas available, first come first serve.
Mail in pre-reg closes Wednesday the 16th.  ACCEPS pre-reg closes Friday the 18th.  (Save $5 with pre-reg)

Grand Thing VII
May 25-28, 2012
Columbia County Fairgrounds – St. Helens, OR

Greetings unto the populace of AnTir and our beloved guests!
The winter snows begin to melt and soon we will see the first green of spring. It’s time once again to gather together, meet in celebration, take council, and renew our bonds of friendship.
The Barony of Stromgard and the Village of Bjorgvin invite you to come and join our fires this Memorial Day Weekend at the 7th Annual Grand Thing!
As in years past, this family friendly event will offer something for everyone. A few highlights are listed below; see the event web site at for more information
· Enjoy the camaraderie of good friends at the grand potluck feast and join in as the Lawspeaker presides over the All Thing
· Test your mettle on the battle field by fighting in the Multi-weapons Tournament, with five weapons styles (sword& shield, axe & shield, spear & shield, two-handed axe, and two-handed spear) with a Master Grendal Damascus Spear as the prize the Memorial Great Axe Tournament (bring word fame of the fallen in song, prose, or saga to enter), the Monastery Raid (where you keep what items you escape with), and a Domination Tourney where not just your skill is tested but your courage and valor as well.  Can you withstand the Storm of Steel?
· Compete for prizes on the archery range or vie to be the next baronial Archery Champion.
· Enjoy thrown weapons competitions, Nordic games, a Bardic Circle, and much more.
· Learn about Nordic Viking Age and Irish arts through arts and sciences classes.
· Vie for the esteemed titles of “Best Garb for your Station” or “Best Hospitality”(see website for specifics)
· Many activities for teens and children: Saturday night teen dance, children’s Grand Thing luncheon Saturday in Bjorgvin, and much more. No Site Fee for anyone 17 or under!
· Attend the Royal Court of Their Royal Majesties Ieuan and Gwyneth and the baronial court of Their Excellencies Tiernan and Miranda as they give accolades to deserving gentles
Fantastic prizes are offered for all events and contests!

Site opens 12PM (merchants 10AM) on Friday closes 1PM Monday.

Site fee: Adults-$20 at-gate 15.00-prereg (Non-member add $5), under 18 free.  Day-pass $10.00. 

Make checks payable to: Barony of Stromgard, SCA Inc. 

10% of all profits will be donated to one of the Kingdom Travel Funds.


Merchant fee: A donation of your choice to prize chest.  Contact Merchantcrat Stanton at


See website for detail on Feast, Classes, Contests in Archery, Equestrian, Best Garb for Your Station, & Best Hospitality.

Equestrian activities in a groomed out-door arena with free indoor stalls.  If bringing horses, contact Duchess Miranda:

Pre-reg is not required but you can save $5 by doing so.



Schedule of Events

9 AM Set-up begins
10 AM Gate opens for merchants
12 PM Gate opens for populace
7 PM Macha’s Vigil at the Equestrian Barn.
9 PM Teen: Meet and greet at the Grand Hall (2 hr)
1 AM Gate “officially” closes but if you arrive later, call the Autocrat, no one is turned away.
7 AM Gate opens
9 AM Children: Active and Passive Games at Pied Piper Area (3 hr)
9 AM Archery: Range open for practice & Royal Rounds (3 hr)
9 AM Beginning Handspinning, Top Whorl Spindle (2 hr)
9 AM Over view of Turn shoe making (2 hr)
9 AM Viking Navigation and the Sunstone (2 hr)
10 AM Opening Court (Ltrs. of intent for archery/eq. championship accepted)
10 AM Teen: Basic Book Heraldry class by Aesa
11 AM Cooking: Dutch Oven Contest Begins.
11 AM Armor inspection begins at fighting field
11 AM Thrown Weapon Practice: Knives, axes, and spears at archery range (2 hr)
11 AM Equestrian: Arena Open (2 hr)
11 AM Don’t be “Skyred” to Make Viking Age Cheese (2 hr)
11 AM How to Sharpen Knives and other Tools: (2 hr)
11:30 AM Multi-Weapons Tourney begins at fighting field (3 hr)
12 PM Thrown Weapons: Competition knives, axe, and spears at archery range (1 hr)
12 PM Teen: Drop-off A&S entries.  Best representation of a Viking long boat (3 hr)
12 PM Teen: Lampwork  demo/class by Sanan, Enid, and Aesa (3 hr)
12:30 PM Children: Grand Thing lunch at Bjorgvin camp with Master Lonergan (1 hr)
1 PM Equestrian: Games (2 hr)
1 PM Archery: Range open for practice & Baronial Champion list opens (1 hr)
2 PM Archery: Range closed for practice / Baronial Championship Tournament (1 hr)
2 PM Children: Active and Passive Games at Pied Piper Area (2 hr)
2 PM Children: Swing Joust (50lbs & under) near Monestary, parents required (2 hr)
2 PM Games: Caber Toss competition near erics (open to all ages) (2 hr)
2 PM Camping without a cooler, Viking style (2 hr)
2:30 PM Tiernan’s Domination Tourney at fighting field (2 hr)
3 PM Archery: Range open for practice & Royal Rounds (2 hr)
3 PM Feast set-up begins (Grand Hall closed to everyone else until 5 PM)
3 PM Equestrian: Open riding practice at arena (2 hr)
5 PM Siege Cooking ends take entries to Grand Hall (30 min for judging)
5 PM Feast Hall open to populace for setup
5:30 PM Potluck Feast begins in Grand Hall (1 ½ hr)
7 PM Royal Court at Grand Hall (1 hr)
8 PM Grand Thing law giving ceremony at Bjorgvinn or Monastery (45 min)
9 PM Teen Dance at Grand Hall (3 hr)
10 PM Norse Trade Blanket at Monastery (3 hr)
8 AM Gate opens
9 AM Children: Active and Passive games at Pied Piper area (3 hr)
9 AM Archery: Range open for practice & Royal Rounds (3 hr)
9 AM Viking design for Embroidery and Decoration (2 hr)
10 AM Teen: Scavenger Hunt (5 hr)
10 AM Equestrian: Open riding practice and qualifications at arena (2 hr)
10:30 AM Armor inspection at Castle
11 AM Monastery Raid at Castle (3 hr)
11 AM Thrown Weapons: knives, axes, and spears at archery range (3 hr)
11 AM Teen: Youth Heavy Armor inspection at fighting field
12 PM Teen: Youth Heavy Armor Tournament at fighting field (2 hr)
1 PM Equestrian: Archery and Live Steel demo at arena (2 hr)
1 PM Children’s Tea Party in Grand Hall, parents required (1 hr)
1 PM Archery: Range open for practice & Youth tournament list opens (1 hr)
2 PM Archery: Range closed for practice / Youth tournament begins (1 hr)
2 PM Thrown Weapons Competition: Knives, axe, and spears at archery range (2 hr)
2 PM Children: Active and Passive games at Pied Piper area (2 hr)
2 PM Memorial Axe tournament at fighting field (2 hr)
3 PM Archery: Range open for practice & Royal Rounds (2 hr)
3 PM Games: Footschlager race by fighting field (2 hr)
3 PM Equestrian: Open riding practice at arena (3 hr)
5 PM Baronial and Prize Court at Grand Hall (1 hr)
6 PM Games: Baron Raul’s “Cut the braid contest” (Adult only women’s and men’s division)(1 hr)
7 PM Teen: Bardic (No kidding, there I was) at stage behind merchants row (3 hr)
7 PM Adult Bardic in Monastery (3 hr)
10 PM Adult Hops recycling competition (Spear the Beer) by eric (2 hr)
9 AM Wake up calls by Heralds begin site closes at 1 PM.
9 AM Children: Active and Passive games at Grand Hall area (3 hr)
10 AM Equestrian: Open riding practice at arena (2 hr)
11 AM Archery: Dismantle the backdrop and clean-up area (1 hr)
12 PM Teen: Clean-up and close down the Great Hall (1 hr)
12 PM Equestrian: Tear down and packing up at arena (1 hr)
1 PM Site closes and clean-up begins (2 hr)
3 PM Clean-up complete thanks for the help


Accademia dei Studiosi

Grand Thing – May 26-27, 2012


The Accademia dei Studiosi will be running a class session at Grand Thing, May 26-27. Interested students may register in advance and pay at the door. Registration may be paid in cash or by check.  Checks should be made out to:  Accademia dei Studiosi, SCA, Inc. Contact HL Magda with class requests.  Please include your SCA Name, Modern Name, and all class requests.


Please email class requests to:


HL Magda Murdoch of Derhirst


Camping without a cooler, Viking style


Time: 2-4 Saturday

Instructor: Baron Refr Fiachson (email:

Class size: Min 1 no max

Cost: none


There are a number of Viking-possible foods that are preserved in some way, or otherwise “shelf-stable”.  Those foods can be combined to make a weekend’s worth of food without the use of unsightly/leaky/otherwise nasty coolers.  This class will cover the options, how to prepare your food and keep it edible, and how to balance various foods for a weekend’s worth of good eats that are all persona appropriate if you are a Viking (or just about any Northern European, for that matter).   We will also cover different options depending on whether or not you want to do any cooking on site, or just live off your supplies cooking-free


Student Should Bring: Note taking materials

Prerequisites: None



Beginning Handspinning, Top Whorl Spindle


Time: 9:00am – 11:00am Saturday

Instructor: Meistara Kolfinna Aradottir (OL) (email:

Class size: Max 5

Cost: free – instructor will provide all materials


Class Description: Class will cover the basics of hand spinning with a top whorl spindle. Instruction will include fiber choices and preparation and hands-on spinning. The goal is to make yarn – good, bad or ugly – and gain basic spinning skills.


Prerequisites for Class: none


Student Should Bring: nothing (or a chair if not supplied); spindles available for sale after class for $10; student may bring their own spindle if they have one



Over view of Turn shoe making


Time:  9:00am – 11:00 am Saturday

Instructor: HL Octar Wolfkiller, Sgt of Stromgard (

Class size: min 1 no max

Cost: none          


Over view of Turn shoe making

I will bring several examples of shoes and boots that I have made. I will also have some of the patterns that you can make copies of.

        Men’s size 9 1/2 to 10, 5 ½,

        Women’s sizes    9 wide, 6 ½,


Suggested that you bring the following materials to the class

Note taking materials.  Large sheets of pattern making paper if you wish to copy any Patterns.  A large flat surface to write or draw on.


Good resources.

   Stepping through time.

   SCA, Inc. | The Complete Anachronist Index of Issues


   140, 7/08, The Basic Craft of Turn shoes: Basic skills used to make common turn shoes.

 My Facebook has photos of some of the shoes I have made “



Don’t be “Skyred” to Make Viking Age Cheese


Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm Saturday      

Instructor: Svava in Litla, Baroness of Dragon’s Mist, Mistress of the Laurel (email:

Class size: 20

Cost: $2.00


Class Description:  In this class students will learn about the making of skyr, a Viking Age Scandinavian cheese and get a chance to sample skyr served in a variety of ways.


Prerequisites for Class: None


Student Should Bring: Note taking materials.




How to Roast a Pig


Time: Early Sunday Morning

Instructor: Baron Refr Fiachson (email: )

Class size: max 20

Cost: None


Have you ever wondered how to roast an entire dead pig?  Well now you can find out.  We’ll be starting very early in the morning with getting the pig ready to getting the fire going, to going over how you know it’s ready to eat.  We’ll cover the ins and outs of fire building, pig prepping, and if you stick around long enough (or come back) carving and serving as well.  This class will take place throughout the day, so students should feel free to come in and out during the course of the day.


Student Should Bring: Note taking materials.


Prerequisites: None




Viking Navigation and the Sunstone


Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am Saturday

Instructors: Master Alanus of Bunghea and Mistress Jorunn                                       Steinnabrjotr, Order of the Laurel

Class size: Min 2 Max 30

Cost: $3.00


The methods of navigation employed by the Viking navigators are currently unverifiable by archeological evidence. However, the search for answers goes on. This class will present the arguments for at least two methods of direction finding by experts in the field. An interview with Soren Thirslund from the Danish National Maritime Museum and the published findings of Leif Karlsen, a retired professional navigator will be presented. Both of these gentlemen’s published findings are internationally recognized and available from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde Denmark or from the instructors of this course. Hands on demonstrations and primary source documentation of these authors’ navigation theories will be available.

This is an updated and revised version of the Viking Navigation class previously presented by the instructors.


Student should bring:

Note taking equipment if they so desire.

Prerequisites: None



How to Sharpen Knives and other Tools:


Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm Saturday

Instructor:  Master Alanus of Bunghea, Order of the Laurel

Class size: Min 1 Max 10

Cost: $1.00


Embarrassed because your feast knife has trouble cutting butter? Does your battle ax just leave bruises? Learn how to sharpen cutting tools using both modern and period methods.  The instructor will bring native sharpening stones and sharpening stones are available in hardware stores.  No kitchen accessory knife sharpeners please.


Students should bring: Bring one or more knives or axes.

Prerequisites: None

Viking design for Embroidery and Decoration:


Time: 9:00-11:00am Sunday

Instructor: Mistress Jorunn Steinnabrjotr, Order of the Laurel

Class Size: Min 3 Max 20

Cost:  $5:00


Topics covered:  how to take a design from an artifact and turn it into a pattern for embroidery or decorating other objects.  How to transfer that pattern to fabric, wood, or leather.  The elements of composition, color, and graphics. Massaging a design to fit a different geometric space. The characteristics of Viking art styles.


Students need to bring: pencils (different colors if you have them), scissors, ruler, and compass.


Prerequisites: None


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! House Smamjolk is cooking a bigger and better pig this year on Sunday of Grand Thing! The roasting will begin around 6AM in the beer garden, near the permanent biff. Go behind the scenes and learn the process in “Pig Roast Classes” held throughout the day. Please bring feast gear, a side dish and money to contribute to the purchase of the meat and equipment and join us for a feast worthy of a Jarl following court on Sunday (around 6PM). Any profit from the pig will benefit the new Barony of Dragon’s Mist.


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