Fields of Gold


Event Steward: Josephine Blackthorn

Hosted By Device of Tir Bannog
The Shire of Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC )

Event Summary:

Date: July 9 , 2011 until July, 10 2011
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 9th 2011
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 10th 2011

Event site:
Fields of Gold Educational Sanctuary
17317 Larch Rd Telkwa, BC V0J 2X2

Click here for more information about this location such as site amenities, rules, and restrictions.

Fields of Gold
July 8th, 9th and 10th

Friday- Site opens 4:30 pm
Red Wolf Inn open for supper – beastly stew will be on the stove
Setup encampments and socializing
7:00 All cars off site, if you are a late comer there will people to
assist you at the gate to bring gear down.
8:30 Autocrats announcements
9:00 Bardic fire pit will be lit if people are interested
11:00 Quiet time at the ‘quiet end’ of the site in effect.
12:00 Night bar closes at the RWI.

7:30 RWI open for breakfast
9:00 Breakfast ends Children’s Centres Begin / Silent Auction Begins
Lists open for heavy and rapier tourney
9:45 Armor inspection
10:00 Heavy tourney hosted by Viking
12:00 Gallant thorn and Midsummer Rose (See description below)
12:30 Damsel’s Dishes auction (See description below)
2:00 Rapier armor inspection Children’s Afternoon activities
2:15 Rapier tourney – hosted by Celeste
4:30 Populace’s scavenger hunt
5:30 Set up for potluck (See details below)
6:00 Potluck
8:00 Autocrat’s announcements and presentations or Court Silent
Auction Closes
With bardic fire to follow.
11:00 Quiet at the ‘quiet end’
12:00 Night bar closes RWI

9:00 Tir Bannog pancake breakfast.
10:15 Archery inspection
10:30 Archery tourney – hosted by Markus
12:00 Lunch/ site closes officially
12:30 Royal round
1:30 Site cleanup dump run recycling

Children’s activities:

AM: children are invited to a series of center activities in the
morning similar to how it was run last year. Centers will include the
making of at least four different period style toys, which they will
get to keep.

Big buddies must be with their child at all centers as these
activities will require assistance. If a child arrives without a big
buddy they will not be allowed to participate. Big buddies are also
asked to make a financial donation to help cover the costs of the
children’s activities so we can keep providing them in the future.

PM the afternoon will include:
Kite flying (wind providing) in the field.
Scavenger hunt – all populace is invited to participate.
Blue helm may be available if the equipment is on site.
Medieval coloring books in the enchanted tree.

Midsummer rose and gallant thorn:

The midsummer rose and gallant thorn are presented annually at FOG.
When you win this competition you have the honor of wearing the rose
and thorn regalia for one year and representing Tir Bannog at any
event you attend. You should feel proud of this honor and wear the
regalia with pride. If you win you must make sure all regalia is
returned to Tir Bannog before the next FOG and decide on what the
competition will be for choosing the successor.

This year the midsummer rose has decided she is feeling puckish. The
gallant thorn contestants will be chosen first. The Lords will be
asked to present a personal Tribute to the Rose. This tribute can be
written before the event and brought with you. Lords will be asked to
present their piece before the populace where the past Rose will then
choose the new Gallant Thorn.

Following that the Ladies of the populace will have an opportunity to
woo the Gallant Thorn for the title of Midsummer Rose.

Damsel’s Dishes:

Traditionally FOG hosts their Helm Auction this year to spice thing
up we will be hosting Damsel’s Dishes.

Lords you will be responsible for bidding on the Ladies this year.
Ladies please create a lunch basket for you and a bidding Lord. You
may want to pack extra as, in the past more than one person has been
known to buy a single basket. Maximum bid will be $25.

All proceeds from Damsel’s Dishes will go to the FoGEC and be used
for site development.

Silent auction:

The silent auction runs all day Saturday from the Autocrats
announcements to the evening announcements. The populace is invited
to make donations of items to the table and equally invited to bid on
the items. All proceeds will go to the FOGEC for site development.

Saturday potluck
Each family is asked to bring a dish for the potluck. Please have a
card with ingredients listed beside your dish for food allergy
awareness. Guest staying at the RWI have their potluck contribution

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