Mrygan Wood Spring Champions


Event Steward: Dezzrianne Draganova 'doch

Event Summary:

Date: March 28 , 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on March 28th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on

Event site:
Saint Martyr’s Canadiens Hall
1628 9th Ave. North Saskatoon, SK S7K 3A1

Click here for more information about this location such as site amenities, rules, and restrictions.

Their Excellencies Dezzrianne and Grimolfr of Myrgan Wood invite all to come and enjoy and participate in the choosing of their Rapier and A & S Champions.  

Merchants are welcome and should contact HE Dezzrianne for space.


Myrgan Wood A & S Championship rules:


a) A declaration of intent to compete for the A&S Championship should be received on or before March 20, 2009. Please send your letter of intent with a brief description of the entry to and the Baron and Baroness at

b) A minimum of 1 entry is required to compete for the Championship along with accompanying documentation and unfinished entries will be accepted.

c) Entries must not have won in any prior judged competitions, and it is recommended that any completed entries entered will have been completed within the last calendar year.

d) Must have paid SCA membership.

With respect to the Rapier Championship the following will apply:

1.  Be authorized, and authorized in at least two fighting styles.
2.  All entrants will have a valid SCA membership and maintian same during their tenure.
3.  Be willing to attend next year at Spring Champions to host the Rapier Championship to find their successor.

The tourney will be Round Robin with the top two fighters to fight a best of three.  Each fighter must show at least two different styles of fighting during the round robin. After the Round Robin there will be a bear bit for all authorized rapier fighters to enjoy.  As to the schedule the same will be announce no later then next weekend (March 22, 2009). If there are any questions, please direct them to the Event Steward ( or 306-382-7420) for the time being at which time they will be forwarded to the current Rapier Champion.  

Archers! Come and partake in the challenge of a four round tournament.  Kids and newcomers are welcome, as loaner gear will be available.  After the main tournament, instruction will be offered to beginners or more experienced archers looking to hone their skills.  The tournament will be held at the Dundurn Archery Club range at the Dundurn Military Base, from 10:00am – 12:00 noon. The Dundurn Military Base is located approximately 20 kms south of the city on divided highway 11 towards Regina. Watch for the signs indicating Dundurn Military Base, and turn west/right, then proceed approximately 5 kms into the base. The archery range will be on your right hand side, across from the Military Police office. Look for the “Lost Arrow Archery” silver/grey half ton truck. Please follow all posted military speed limits!!! The tournament will consist of 4 fun and challenging rounds to test the skill of all archers. A loop shoot (through a replicated castle battlement), a one minute speed round, poach the King’s deer, and a distance shoot will test all archers to their limit!

Feast Menu:

 First Remove
Breads and honey butter
Pea soup
Almond stuffed dates


Second Remove
Ham with sauces
Stuffed mushrooms


Third Remove


Fourth Remove


Please be advised that if you have any questions with respect to the ingredients or allergies regarding the menu you may contact the Feast Steward at


*** As well there are only 60 feast tickets available.  So if you would like to reserve in advance you can contact the Event Steward at or 306-382-7420 ***.

Schedule – to be determined


Event Steward: HE Dezzrianne Dragnova

(mka: Dezzrianne Windecker-Klassen)

411 Gordon Rd., SK  S7T 0A1

Ph:  306-382-7420


Feast Steward: L Schmett Yrlynska

Site Fee: Adult (16+) – $10

Feast:  $15 per plate

NMS – the $3 NMS fee will be applied to all adult site fees for those individuals that cannot show proof of membership.


Make cheques payable to “SCA – Myrgan Wood”

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