Boars Hunt


Event Steward: Ander Hallison

Hosted By Device of Aquaterra
The Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA )

Hosted By Device of Western Region
The Western Region of An Tir includes the following branches: Aquaterra, Bearwood, Blatha an Oir, Dragon’s Laire, Druim Doineann, Earnrokke, Glymm Mere, Madrone, Midhaven, Rath an Oir, Porte de l’Eau, The College of St. Bunstable, and Wyewood.

Event Summary:

Date: May 31 , 2019 until June, 2 2019
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 31th 2019
Site closes at: 11:59 PM on June 2th 2019

Event site:
Masonic Park Campground
24310 Mt Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252

Click here for more information about this location such as site amenities, rules, and restrictions.

The horn sounds with a burst of urgency and promise, calling forth our hunters to chase their prey! Join the great Barony of Aquaterra in this, our most glorious Boars Hunt! Come engage in our long-running match between the Hunters of the wild and the Beasts that are as dangerous as their pursuers. Revel in the beauty of our lands while earning your word fame alongside worthy compatriots, and sharing the tales of honor and friendships past in story and song with the wonderful populace of An Tir!

More info will be added to this page as the event nears, so check back often!

Autocrat: Lord Ander Hallison –

Deputy autocrats: Graham Von Baekyn and HL Sabina Di Zorzi

Site Fees (Please make all checks payable to Barony of Aquaterra, SCA Inc.):

18+ $30 weekend $20 day with a 5 dollar discount for members with proof of membership.

16-17 years old $20 weekend $10 day

Under 15 FREE!

Gate Hours: Friday, Noon to Midnight for Merchants, 3pm to Midnight for populace. Saturday, 8 am – 6 pm.  Site closes Sunday at 4 pm.

**After the Masonic Park Gate closes, there will be no entry until Gate opens again in the morning both nights. No Exceptions**

First come/first served basis for camping sites.  No reservations other that RVs (see below).  No early admittance for non-event team or pre-arranged set-up volunteers.  Please e-mail the autocrat if you would like to volunteer or fill out our volunteer form here.

Make RV Reservations Now

~ We expect all available RV hookups to be occupied for this event – make your reservation now! ~

RV hookup is $10.00 a night. More details will be sent out shortly before the event to those who have made a reservation. 

If all RV hookups are reserved in advance, we will post an explanation here of how overflow RV parking will be handled.
Please note that RVs may be parked only in areas designated for RVs by the autocrat, not in tent-camping areas.

Lady Birsa of Aquaterra, the barony’s Webminister, will be handling Merchant’s Row this year.  She can be contacted directly at to reserve your space on the row.

Sponsored by: Baronial Warlord Loft

All Animals find a hiding place in the woods and, once they are ready, Hunters enter the forest with their loyal Hounds to hunt the Animals.
There will be 2-3 Hunters and 2-3 Hounds per group depending on the total number of participants.


Hunters fight with a pike and 2 to 3 Hounds.  
Both Hunters and Hounds fight the Animal at the same time.


Hounds cannot speak! Hounds can only bark / growl / whine and point.
Hounds fight with 2 daggers.
Hounds are killed if struck once by the Animal in the head or body. 
Arm and leg hits don’t count.


Each Animal has a certain number of Lives.
Only blows to the head and/or body cause the Animal to lose a Life. 
Arm and leg hits don’t count.

  • Bears: Bears fight with either 2 single-handed mass weapons or a great weapon. Bears have 5 lives. 
  • Stags: Stags fight with 2 long swords. Stags have 2 lives.
  • The Boar: The Boar fights with 2 short swords. The Boar has 4 lives.

Maestra Fiamma would like to invite all to visit the Cooks Camp at Boar’s Hunt!

Inspired by the Cook’s Playdate at AWWar, I am hosting an all day, learn to cook over fire in pottery pipkins and pots, at my camp (group camp #1 by the river).

Cooking will start after Saturday morning court and continue all day, as long is there is food to cook and people to eat it! 
There is no cost to participate, though donations will be happily accepted.
I will bring some cooking equipment and food projects, but welcome any additions.

Some things that will be handy to bring or contribute:

  • Firewood and/or lump charcoal (not briquettes)
  • Water for cooking and washing up
  • Period cookware, gloves, aprons, fire tools
  • A chair
  • Your own favorite beverage
  • Food to cook!

If you wish to camp with us, please RSVP to me; though the area is large, suitable spots for tents are small.

For additional details or to RSVP to camp please contact me, Maestra Fiamma, at

Site: Masonic Family Park, 24310 Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA 98252

Event Directions: From I-5, take US-2 (East toward Wenatchee). Take WA-204 to Lake Stevens. Turn left (North) onto WA-9. Turn right onto WA-92 (East toward Granite Falls). WA-92 ends in a T-intersection in Granite Falls — turn left onto Mountain Loop Hwy. The site entrance is 4.5 miles from this point, and will be on your left. Watch for SCA signs.

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